More American Bulldog Care Tips

American bulldog care could be quite tricky for some dog owners and their families. However, if you really are decided on raising one, you need to know some things in order to care for your American bulldog. This breed is very loyal and protective. They will prove to be a great companion for your family as they watch over your home and property. With that, they deserve nothing but love and care from you, their owner.

First, in caring for your American bulldog, you have to think of their food. Just like people and other creatures, they need to be fed with a balanced diet so they will get the right amount of nutrition to sustain their health. There are many dog food brands out in the market that offer the right amount of proteins, carbohydrates and other vitamins needed by your dog. You can try out several brands and let your dog find out which one he or she likes best. Once you have found the best brand, you can stick with that. Or also, you may ask your veterinarian for the best dog food brand suitable for your dog if he or she has allergies and other needs. Aside from food, giving them clean, fresh water daily will help them become strong and healthy.

Next, American bulldogs are very active dogs. It is important for them to have exercise. For a maximum of two hours, it is recommended that you walk your dog daily or let them run around if you have a large backyard space at home. This is important for them to keep their built as well as to help them control themselves once they are indoors. Just like most dogs, your American bulldog will be more obedient and focused once he or she had his or her workout.

Aside from exercise and diet, it is important to bring your American bulldog to the veterinarian regularly. Vaccinations are a must for dogs and you should be able to schedule these things regularly to ensure your dogs health. Also, you have to make sure your dog is safe from any diseases. With the help of your trusted vet, youll be able to care for your dog to the best of your abilities. It is great to have a loyal pet who will watch over you and your loved ones. This breed should be cared for very well. 

American Bulldog Puppies Made Easy

Ah the American Bulldog. There is no other breed of dog better suited for the typical American home than this dog. It has become so popular that it has not only been famous in the country it has developed from, but has already spread across the whole globe. The American Bulldog is one of the great working dogs. To achieve its great working dog status, though, you must first train them from puppyhood, when they are merely just American Bulldog puppies.

American Bulldog puppies are like any other puppies. They are cute, cuddly, loveable, and just the most adorable animals you will have ever seen. They will, however, grow up to become one of either the most eager-to-please dogs around, or be another addition to the stereotype that bulldogs are some of the most ferocious and dangerous dogs in the dog breed world. To avoid having your dog become one of these dogs which have the bad reputation, have your puppies trained at a very young age.

When these dogs are only puppies, they have been noted for being carefree and super friendly. This would last until when they are about 8 months. Although still relatively careless, or ful around strangers at home during these first 8 months of their puppyhood, this would still the right time to train them. This would also be more than enough time to train these dogs the basics in obedience and house training, and to be comfortable around strangers. Dogs are most teachable and trainable at around 4 of 5 months after they are born, and even though American Bulldogs are very trainable, it is still best to start at a young age.

American Bulldog puppies, as puppies they are, will be generally friendly to all animals; but this will not last long, unless they are trained with proper care and given a lot of time with other animals for them to be able to be comfortable with them until they reach adulthood. There will be changes to this dog once it reaches the age of about 18 months. They will assert themselves, and if not checked, will think they are the Alphas and will be stubborn and not listen if this happens to be the case. This is why American Bulldog puppies should be informed right away, that you, the owner, are the master, and the Alpha. Never make them think otherwise unless you want to have a real scuffle to ensue.

The American Bulldog is one of the best dogs you will ever have, should you decide on owning one. Not only are they great guard dogs, not only are they great working dogs, but they also have a sweet and mild side to them. The assertiveness is only a part of their overall temperament and is not the whole temperament of this breed of dog itself. Overall they are one of the best all-purpose dogs. What are you waiting for? Get your own American Bulldog puppies right now from your local American Bulldog breeder and start training them!

Tips For American Bulldog Breeders

Breeding a dog may seem to be a hard thing to do because it takes a lot of time, commitment and responsibility from the breeder. However, taking steps to make sure that the breed that you are taking care of is well attended to can help you become a very profitable breeder and make dog breeding a very rewarding experience for you as a pet lover.

One of the most popular breeds to be professionally bred these days is the American Bulldog. With its strong features and its intimidating name, you may think that it can be wild and aggressive to breeders. However, American Bulldog Breeders find that this type of dog is sensitive, gentle and quite easy to take care of. To know more about the American Bulldog, here are some of the American Bulldog Breeders reminders that you need to keep in mind.


The American Bulldog can be temperamental and emotional. Because of this, it is recommended that the dog be not left for so long a time alone and should be taken care of constantly. Much like a child who will cry w=once a parent goes away, an American Bulldog can have a sense of emotional attachment to its master or to the breeder. Providing the dog with a setting where two or more people can pay attention to his/her needs is a great way to temper their behavior.


Just like a human being, American Bulldog Breeders should remember that an American Bulldog should have a balanced diet with protein, carbs and a good dose of nutrients that can help in its growth and development. It is advised to get a veterinarians recommendation for the diet of an American Bulldog, as different dog breeds have different nutritional needs.

Aside from giving an American Bulldog a balanced diet, they also need to have adequate exercise every single day. You can walk the dog around the block several times a day, or you can also allot a space to make the dog move to work on his own walking routine. Just make sure to closely guard the dog and supervise it during its exercise periods.


American Bulldog Breeders should know that an American Bulldog is an average shedder. This means that it will, from time to time, lose hair and create dander in its surroundings.  Because of this, it is quite important to have a vacuum cleaner at hand to keep the dog sheds away from other people who might be allergic to it.

As far as grooming, it is not necessary that this type of dog be bathed every day. However, it is important to keep the dog dry and cool for as long as you possibly can. Once it is time to bathe the dog, observe making gentle scrubs with bare hands or a non abrasive material to lather the dog shampoo into the dogs body. Dry and comb when the fur is dry after bathing.

Its not really a tough job to be one of the many American Bulldog Breeders around. The only thing that is important to remember is when you breed an American Bulldog, you should give it ample time and commitment so that it can grow as the best looking and healthy bulldog that will have a long life with you as an owner or a breeder. 

Blue American Bulldog Training & Care


There are various types of American Bulldog, but in general this dog breed has been considered as a working dog. It has been originally used for intense activities like bull baiting and hunting. Actually, they can hunt different kinds of animals such as wild boar, squirrel and raccoon. Apart from that, they also help guard their owners. Because of the many things that they can do, people find them very versatile and impressive. Their stamina, intelligence and protective instinct truly makes them a good and practical pet. There may be different types of bulldogs, but one of those kinds that truly stand out is the blue American Bulldog.


The blue American Bulldog is not that common because of its color. The most typical are white, brown, tan, or red. But blue is already considered as a cosmetic fault. Sometimes, the eyes are also different in colors when heterochromia occurs. But the normal color is usually brown. Just like other bulldogs, they are very muscular and strong and their jaws also look very powerful.


The blue American Bulldog is very athletic. They can even jump up to 6 feet high or even more. They can also move at a fast pace. They are also brave and alert that is why people trust them as guard dogs. Aside from being guardians, they also make great companions because they are very friendly, caring, and happy pets. They can also be good around kids. But because of their size, they are known to be more for families with adults or teens. Owners should also be more experienced taking care of dogs.

What pet owners love about these dogs is that they are also very loyal and faithful. They will protect their master when they see them in trouble. They will help right away.


When it comes to training, there are two basic things that these dogs should learn and those are obedience and socialization. When training them, people must keep in mind that it should be done with fairness, firmness, and consistency. Those factors are vital in making them follow their owners commands. Harsh training is not recommended for these dogs since they do not respond positively to it. Though with proper training, owners can expect better dog behavior.


Caring for a blue American bulldog doesn’t take too much effort. Regular brushing can help lessen loose hair. While bathing can make them clean, though this should be done only when necessary. In terms of overall health, this type of dog comes from a healthy breed.

About American Bulldogs


American Bulldogs have been known as working dogs that can be seen around the United States. This breed is known to be brave, loyal, and dependable, which is why they are considered as good companions inside and outside the house. In fact, they are known for their heroic acts towards their master. Because of their protective instincts, they can be relied on to provide some safety and security. Aside from their protective nature, American Bulldogs are also known for getting along well with children, so pet owners especially those who have families like having them as their pet.

When they are trained at an early age, they will be better at socializing with other people and they are more likely to show more positive and less aggressive behavior. They also become less reserved when it comes to strangers if they get an early training from their owners. Basically, American Bulldogs like to interact with people. Mental and physical exercise everyday is also important so that they will continue to show good behavior.


There are 3 general types of American Bulldogs, and those are the Bully/Johnson, the Standard/Scott and the Hybrid type. The names of these types of bulldogs were taken from the influential breeders who have made a great contribution in developing them. So there are some differences among the three types, but both the Standard or Scott type and the Bully or what people call the Johnson type are found on American farms and ranches since they were known as working type of dogs. When it comes to size, the Bully type is bigger, heavier and less athletic as compared to the Standard type. While the Hybrid one is a mix of the two types.

Because these dogs are easy to train, they have been known to be helpful in rural areas. They can catch wild boar, kill vermin, and also guard a private property. However, the advantages of having American Bulldogs are not limited to farm owners but other families as well. When given proper training, they can be really great furry companions.

In fact, there are a lot of positive attributes associated with this type of dog. Below are some of the things that people say about American Bulldogs.

  •     Social
  •     Confident
  •     Alert
  •     Obedient
  •     Strong
  •     Active
  •     Powerful
  •     Intelligent
  •     Fearless
  •     Reliable


The American Bulldogs have been present in the early years. Before, the bulldogs have been used by the working class to help in farms and ranches. They were considered as all-around dogs because of the many tasks that they can perform. During that time, they are generally known as working dogs. As time passed, they have slowly decreased in number, that by the time the second Word War ended, they almost got extinct.

As an attempt to save it from extinction, John Johnson and Alan Scott, decided to bring back these dogs, and together they started to breed more old time bulldogs. But at some point, they started to mix breeds and started to have different opinions on what an American Bulldog should be. Scott preferred a smaller dog while Johnson wanted a bigger guardian type of dog. This is why after some time, there have created two different versions of bulldogs.

As of present time, bulldogs have a more carefree lifestyle since they are now considered as family pets. They still guard their owners but they are no longer expected to do other utilitarian duties like before.


When people look at an American Bulldog, they usually notice its well-built body. They look stocky, strong, and muscular with powerful jaws and a big head. The dog breeds coat is short but is generally smooth. In terms of its color, the old bulldogs are predominantly white with some red pigmentations. However, as time progressed, there have been different color combinations seen on these dogs. Some color patterns include brown, black, and fawn, depending on the type of dog. The eyes are brown although in rare occasions, hetechromia occurs. Nowadays, the hybrid type of bulldog is more common in the United States.

The weight of these dogs is around 27 to 54 kilograms. Though some have exceeded in this standard size. In terms of height, the sizes are about 52 to 65 centimeters. Meanwhile, life expectancy of this dog breed is roughly 16 years.


In general, American Bulldogs make a good pet because it has a naturally good behavior towards people. They can be around to provide company whether to children or adults. And they are up for some playtime, which can also add up to their needed daily physical activities. A stroll at the park is also something that these dogs would truly enjoy. These simple activities keep them happy.

Owners would also like the fact that they can depend on their dog to protect them wherever they are. So aside from bringing some love and joy to a household, they can also give protection, which dog owners truly appreciate. 

American Bulldog Rescue Information

An American Bulldog is a type of dog that is ideal to be a pet because of its temperament, living arrangements and grooming which works for even the busiest pet owner of them all. It is a type of dog that can adapt to the owners lifestyle, and can really meet his/her masters needs for caring and companionship.

Because of this, the American Bulldog is a choice dog for rescuing. Every day, there are hundreds, if not thousands of American Bulldogs who need a new home and the American Bulldog Rescue system ensures that you can get an American Bulldog as a pet that you will love for the years to come.

American Bulldog Rescue Information

You can find a lot of information on where you can find American Bulldogs to rescue online. You need to find the nearest rescue center in your area and find different breeds of rescue dogs that you can have as a pet. However, there are rescue centers which specialize in a specific breed such as for American Bulldogs which you can go to, ensuring that you will have the dog with the breed if your choice.  

The Rescue Process

Since you are going to be adopting a rescue dog, the process is pretty much the same as you would adopt a child. You may need to get recommendations to assure the rescue center that you are a fit owner, and a small fee to process the adoption may be required. You can contact the rescue center ahead of time to make sure that you can have all of the papers ready once you personally come to the center with the intention to adopt an American Bulldog.

American Bulldog Rescue Care and Maintenance

The good thing about adopting an American Bulldog is that it is a great companion to a pet owner who wants a low maintenance pet. It does not need to be groomed that often, and its fur does not shed as much as other dog breeds. However, the American Bulldog may need more attention than other dog breeds, so avoid leaving your pet for so long a time.

The American Bulldog is nothing less than a perfect pet for a pet lover who leads a modern, fast-paced lifestyle. Rescuing a dog with this breed can be a very rewarding experience to the owner and helps a lot in keeping with the efforts to rescue as much dogs as possible.

American Bulldog Training Made Easy

The key towards successful American Bulldog training is to know what it is exactly that you want from your dog. You also have to take the time to understand your American Bulldog by doing research because you need to know what your dog is capable of and what it can do to deliver what you want. A lot of dog owners overestimate the capabilities of their pooch and so end up frustrated when their dog is not able to deliver. This is also equally frustrating on the part of the dog because it is being asked to do something that is beyond it. In order to make both parties (you and your dog) happy then, the two of you have to work with what you have.

To help you get started, here are some American bulldog training techniques you can keep in mind:

  • The crate. Its restricted space is meant to make your dog feel secure, helping in house training and keeping anxiety-related issues at bay. Introducing your dog as early as possible to crate so it can sooner get used to it is the goal. To make your dog feel positive associations with the crate, you can provide him with cozy bedding inside and feed him as well. While the crate can be used to train your American Bulldog to behave when left alone, it should never be used as an excuse for leaving your dog for long periods of time because that is just cruel. If you have to be away for a time, find other arrangements that will be suitable for your dog. That’s not what the crate is for.
  • Bull breeds are naturally powerful animals so they have a tendency to pull on the lead. Lead-pulling is a sign of an unruly dog but American Bulldog training can take care of it. There are various ways you can stop lead-pulling and they all lead to having a dog that can walk in a controlled way and is calm enough to listen to commands. One method is to stop immediately when lead-pulling begins and then make your dog sit and wait before going back to walking again. Proper timing will teach your dog that pulling on the lead will not be tolerated. You will have to be patient though because this kind of American Bulldog training needs to be repeated a lot of times before it sinks in with your dog, most especially if your pooch has already established aggression and is quite powerful.
  • Dogs are pack animals and American Bulldog training entails establishing what its position in the pack is. Your American Bulldog may mean the world to you but you have to assert that you are the leader of the pack (so to speak) so you are the one in control. Once your dog gets over any anxiety over status, it will now be more focused on following your commands because it wishes to please you, the leader of the pack. Bulldogs generally require discipline because they are naturally powerful so it would really help to establish boundaries at home early on so you can get what you want from your dog without resorting to any kind of punishment.

Johnson American Bulldog Info

Bulldog is not originally raised in United States. It came from England and later on, few bulldogs were transferred in Southern United States. Soon enough, the breed increased in numbers until the present, with what people used to know now as the Johnson American Bulldog. This is different from the Pit Bulldog Terrier, just to make it clear.

Bulldogs, way back history, are guardians of homestead when their owner is away for a farm. They secure the premises and sometimes help the owner in flushing away cattle and hogs. Bulldogs started to decline in number when the harvest of farmers decreases in production. This instance almost made the bulldog lose its breed in history. There were few people who were able to keep bulldog as their home companion like John D. Johnson. He has a bulldog since he was young and his bulldog is very important to him.

Soon, Dr. Johnson thought of registering the dog in the National Kennel Club which is a success. It was coined after Dr. Johnson and a breed of bulldogs named Johnson American Bulldog was registered and recognized in the United States. He started raising more bulldogs and this is from Johnson American Bulldog became popular. The word Johnson was later removed and it is now widely known as American Bulldog. These changes eventually led to the recognition of American Bulldog as one of the best breed of dogs and people of passion with dogs start convening events and shows for them.

Johnson American Bulldog has a strong, muscular built. It is usually white with patches of black on the head but there are recent variations of their coat color. However, people still prefer the traditional kind of bulldog with black pigmentation and patches on one part of the eye. They are very lovable and affectionate. Some even say that they are highly emotional and sensitive. This is due to the fact that they are more akin to staying with their owners once they develop trust on them. They behave well and is a great companion especially for children. Johnson American Bulldog is one of the most popular kind of dog nowadays and it is probably because they are friendly and harmless to the owner. They only become aggressive when protecting their owner or its property specifically the house from any invader.

To make sure American Bulldog is physically fit all the time, the owner should take time to have an exercise through a walk in the park. This is also a great bonding time for the dog and its owner!

American Bulldog Information

American Bulldogs are confident and good at socialization at its complete maturity. They would often cling to their owners but be aloof to strangers. They are smart and know when to behave and when to bark. American Bulldogs is the type of breed that should be trained at the early stages so that they can adapt to the environment and for them to develop the habit of doing what the owner wants it to do. American puppies by nature are not confident about socializing to others and they tend to stay with people they are only familiar with. This is a good point but a passionate owner should also train the American Bulldog in interacting with others other than the household for it to develop confidence through the years. This is not crucial because American Bulldogs are flexible to the environment.  

In order to train this kind of breed, the best way is to have a walk in the park or play with the dog in an open field. It will not only improve the stamina of the dog but it will also strengthen the relationship with it. This way, it will be easier for the owner to command his dog for whatever he wants it to do.

There are generally three types of American Bulldog, the Bully type (Johnson Type), Standard Type (Scott Type) and the Hybrid Type. The names of the breed were derived from the people that were very influential in the development of the bulldogs namely John D. Johnson and Alan Scott.

The 4 Paw Rating to the suitability of American Bulldog for the home and lifestyle:


American Bulldog with the height of 50 70 cm for male and 20-24 cm for female.

It weighs normally at 70 120 lbs for the standard bulldog and 85 130 lbs for bully type bull dog.

Coat Care

Use a firm bristle brush or rubber mint in cleaning the American Bulldogs coat every few months.

Family Life

American Bulldogs are generally inactive and indoor pet and they love to play and cuddle with their owner and the people in the family.


It adapts to the environment depending on the training from the early stages of the life of a bulldog. They are naturally inactive and sensitive and there is a need to train them as early as possible to be interactive and sociable.


American Bulldog lives from 10 to 16 years. They are often physically healthy and active when they mature and developed self-confidence. Monthly home exam on the skin, eyes, ears, nose, teeth and gums is recommended. It is important to avoid health problems like disorders of the kidney, hip dysplasia and even bone cancer.


American Bulldog needs to learn the habit of exercise through a walk in the park because they need to strengthen their body built. Exercise is definitely a must for bulldogs because they are by nature inactive and indoor pet. Through exercise, owners can make sure that their pet is in good condition.

Raising An American Bulldog Puppy

An American bulldog puppy is a great dog to train. Since the American bulldog has the reputation of being quite imposing especially among strangers, if you have a puppy, it would be easier to train it not just for the outdoors but also in interacting with people and other animals. Taking care of an American bulldog could be quite a challenge for some families. But if you really want one, you need to know how to take care of an American bulldog puppy so that you will be able to raise him or her well. The breed is known to be loyal and protective to their owners but first you have to form a bond so that your puppy will get to know you.

American bulldogs are known to be very protective of their families. That’s why they deserve the best treatment from their owners. With the right amount of food and exercise, you will be able to raise your American bulldog puppy well. This breed is not hard to take care of. They just need to be taken outdoors for their exercise and groomed once in a while. While they have the tendency to look mean, especially with strangers, they are really intent on defending their owners. However, if you want to raise your American bulldog to be kind to strangers, you can train them. Once they are aware of your voice or your presence, they will follow your commands.

Having an American bulldog puppy is practical for families. This allows the puppy to grow up in a setting where there are many people. With this, they will grow up to be gentler and more adaptable to indoor settings. Because they are naturally outdoorsy, of course you would need to bring them outside for activities that they enjoy like hunting and running. If you’re looking for a jogging companion, you can train your puppy to join you as early as now.

All in all, an American bulldog puppy is a practical choice for families who live in wide spaces and big homes. Since the puppy tends to want to run around, it would be practical for you to let your puppy enjoy physical activity outdoors. After this, your puppy will be able to remain behaved indoors. You dont need to worry when youre raising an American bulldog puppy. They prove to be very loyal and sweet to their owners.